Underbar Organization

Ease efficiency behind the bar with gear that helps organize a bar workspace. Our selection includes liquor displays, blender stations, storage units, and more.

Underbar Ice Bins and Cocktail Bins

Create refreshing cocktails or blended ice drinks, and easily chill glasses by stocking your bar with convenient underbar ice bins.

Underbar Sinks

Underbar sinks can fit beneath work surfaces, so they're perfect for small kitchens. You can use underbar sinks in your bar, nightclub, or bakery.

Underbar Sinks

267 Products

Back Bar Coolers

These back bar coolers keep bottles cold and within reach of your busy bartenders, while the glass door coolers are perfect for merchandising.

Back Bar Coolers

423 Products

Underbar Drainboard Units

If you operate a high-volume bar, underbar drainboard units are essential to ensure a tidy work area behind the bar. These units minimize floor spills by collecting and draining excess liquid from drink preparation.

Speed Rails and Speed Racks

With speed rails and speed racks, you can stock popular liquors nearby to speed up service in your busy bar.

Underbar Equipment Parts and Accessories

Our assortment of underbar equipment parts and accessories keeps your bar stocked with the necessary details to make service more efficient, including bottle racks and replacement parts for your underbar gear.

Our stainless steel underbar equipment helps you designate specific areas of your bar for different purposes like drink prep, storage, and glass washing. Since these units are made of stainless steel, they're also durable and easy to clean, making them practical options for highly trafficked businesses. With the proper underbar storage and display equipment, your staff will also be able to navigate your stock and prepare drinks faster/ Check out our speed rails, bar condiment dispensers, and back bar coolers for more supplies to better organize your bar and utilize your space.

Make the Most of Your Back Bar Space with Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment

Underbar equipment will streamline your back bar area and provide necessary stations and areas for your bartenders to work. We carry underbar ice bins, blender stations, sinks, drainboard units, and more! This equipment will organize ice and liquor, designate stations for mixing and blending drinks, and prevent your washing area from contaminating your prep area.

From cocktail stations and liquor display racks to glass rack storage and add-on units, this stainless steel underbar equipment is sure to increase your space-efficiency and make your bar more convenient for staff. Each unit comes in a different size, so you can tailor it to be flush with your counters and other equipment, too!