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Hand trucks come in handy when you need to unload heavy boxes or move them around your storage area.

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Food and Beverage Carrier Dollies

Food and beverage carrier dollies make it easier and more efficient for caterers to transport items from their kitchen to an event space.

Dish Carts and Glass Rack Dollies

Outfit your foodservice establishment with dinnerware, flatware, and glassware dollies to make it easier to transport heavy supplies.

Truck and Dolly Parts and Accessories

Stock up on truck and dolly parts and accessories, so you can replace any pieces that may become worn or broken over time.

Whether you’re moving produce from the loading dock to the storage room, or you’re transporting sheet pans from the kitchen to another prep location, we have a commercial hand truck or dolly for you. You can even load these carts up with canned goods and bulk items to restock the shelves in your supermarket. No matter what style dolly you choose, you can rest assured your staff will experience a more efficient and safer work day. For other great transportation supplies, check out our dish racks, bus tubs, and drying racks.

Safely Transport Bulky or Heavy Items with a Commercial Hand Truck

A commercial hand truck is a necessity for your warehouse, restaurant, hotel, catering business, or grocery store. These trucks and dollies make it easier for employees to transport large or heavy products from one location to the next. By having a restaurant dolly available for your staff members, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of back injury.

Our selection of hand trucks and dollies includes options with different configurations to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for a restaurant dolly for foodservice applications, check out our flatware, beverageware, and dinnerware carts. These units are designed to safely transport stacks of plates or dishwasher racks. You can also set select models out in your cafeteria or buffet-style dining room to dispense essential dinnerware items to your customers.

If you need a commercial hand truck to accommodate items like lumber, dirty laundry, and beer kegs, we also have you covered. Many of these styles feature larger platforms that can hold bulkier boxes, crates, and barrels. You can even find dollies that are compatible with trash cans and recycling bins to make it easier to take loaded containers out to the dumpster.