Piping Tips, Pastry Bags, and Accessories

Add intricate detailing to cakes and cupcakes with our piping tips, pastry bags, and accessories. Form designs with pastry bags, flower nails, and couplers.

Cake Frosting Tools

Neatly apply frosting, fondant, lettering, and designs with these cake frosting tools. You’ll find stands, combs, spatulas, and more.

Cake / Pastry Decorating Tools

Use our garnishing tools and accessories to give your cakes and other desserts the perfect finishing touches.

Tiered Cake Supplies

Craft specialty cakes with our tiered cake supplies. Find everything you need to build a sturdy tiered cake, including plates, rods, and pillars.

Top Products

By crafting not only delicious baked goods but eye-catching ones, too, you’ll be able to increase impulse sales of cakes being merchandised in your display case or on your countertop. Whether customers are coming in to order a customized cake for a party, or you’re pre-making multiple cakes to sell during the holidays, we have all the cake making supplies and cake decorating supplies you need. Restock your inventory, or invest in new and unique products to expand your menu offerings! For even more great items that will assist in the baking process, be sure to check out our bakery pans and cake molds and bakery boxes and containers! You may also want to choose a refrigerated bakery case to preserve and merchandise your cakes!

Bake Delicious and Eye-Catching Cakes with Our Cake Decorating Tools

If you operate a bakery, cafe, diner, market stand, or any other establishment selling baked goods, it’s important to have a varied selection of cake decorating supplies in stock. When you make us your cake decoration supply store, you’ll find all the products you need to add intricate details, colorful frosting, garnishes, and more to your cakes and cupcakes! Whether you’re baking specialty goods for a formal event, or you’re selling individual cakes in your shop, our selection of tools will help make the decorating process more efficient.

Pastry bags, piping tips, and couplers are some of the most necessary cake decorating supplies. They allow you to pipe icing into lettering, flowers, hearts, and other shapes. You’ll also find various baking spatulas and smoothers that apply smooth and even layers of icing and fondant. Our revolving cake stands are also crucial to help you frost hard-to-reach areas on your cakes.

As your wholesale cake decoration supply store, we also carry products that help you craft specialty cakes for weddings and other upscale events. Our plates, pillars, dowel rods, and cake levelers allow you to construct sturdy multi-tiered cakes, while our cake fillers let you inject pastries with various fillings. You can also add shaved chocolate on top of baked goods with our garnishing tools.